Lawyer Nafi

It took its time before I found my place in this world. 

Even during my law studies I did not really think I fitted in and I felt out of place, that somehow this little immigrant girl that grew up in the suburbs of Sweden did not belong in the world of top students with lawyer dads, moms and academians. 

So for quite some time I pushed my law career aside and went on a world travel of finding myself. In the end I ended up where I started but with much more wisdome and experience. 

So I stepped into the world of lawyer Nafi and for everyday that passes I love this world more and more. 

It has its ups and it has its downs but it gives me so much joy and purpose in life. Most importantly I like the challenge of trying to solve peoples problems and helping them finding their path, whether it is in the court room or in life. 

Because being a lawyer means taking on the responsibility for someone elses life and guiding them into the right path. 

Yours sincerely, 

Nafiye Bedirhanoglu